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Congratulations on choosing REGEN CM products as your green, sustainable carbon material solution!

Thank you for the opportunity to supply your pigment needs. We are confident that you will find our REGEN CM product lines to be an excellent replacement or additive to using conventional virgin carbon blacks. We can offer significant savings and also contribute to a reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.  We stand behind our commitments of quality assurance and at the same time be a working model of how to be a truly green and sustainable manufacturing business. We pride ourselves in being good stewards of environmental clean-up and at the same time reducing the use of natural resources. Reclaim, recycle, and re-use is our commitment. A zero waste philosophy is who we are. We hope that you will find this site helpful and informative and we always welcome your feedback. We look forward to building a strong relationship with you, our valued customer.

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A Revolutionary Green Carbon Material

REGEM CM products have been rigorously tested by multiple accredited independent laboratories specializing in ASTM (American Standard Testing Materials) methods for carbon and carbon-based products. Each analysis has produced positive results including: excellent reinforcing properties, exceptional rheology characteristics, elongation within an expected range, modulus and tear strength comparable to virgin carbon blacks. In addition, REGEN CM products are customizable and can be made available to the exact specifications (in most cases) that a customer may require. This means that additional processing is always available to enhance specific characteristics, including further size reduction, something that sets REGEN CM products apart from other contemporary carbon material products.

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