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How does using REGEN CM products benefit the environment?

REGEN CM products are produced using end-of-life tires as our raw material. This makes REGEN CM a reclaimed material with numerous environmental benefits, such as much less CO2 generated during production versus a virgin carbon black. There is also zero oil used in our process, and since the source of our carbon is waste tires, the result is a significant reduction in the number of waste tires going to landfills every year. As there are nearly 300 million tires disposed of every year in the United States, our feedstock is a renewable resource with more than adequate supply. We have a zero waste philosophy.

Does the manufacturing of REGEN CM products adhere to all environmental regulations?

Yes, REGEN CM is manufactured in accordance with all levels of environmental regulation. In fact, the manufacturing of REGEN CM often exceeds current environmental regulatory standards.

Can you deliver the same quality, consistent product every time?

Yes, we can! We have the ability to maintain our reactors during the reclamation process at the exact same parameters continuously throughout the whole process. Having the ability to do this means that every single particle going through the reactor is exposed to the exact same conditions as the ones before it, as well as after. Once the reclamation process is complete, all of our carbon materials are put through rigorous cleaning of any unwanted containments. All of our carbon materials have to pass through our laboratory certification process before they are classified as a sufficient, quality product that can be sold in the marketplace. Each REGEN CM product has less than 1% VOC’s.

What is a VOC and why is it bad?

A VOC is a volatile organic compound. Some of these compounds are known to be dangerous to the environment and in some cases, even human health. All REGEN CM products contain less than 1% VOC’s.

What is the source of REGEN CM?

REGEN CM is derived from the reclamation of waste tires, making it an environmentally friendly, reusable commodity. Contrary to common assumptions, the waste tires are not exposed to flame during the manufacturing process making the production of REGEN CM clean and ecologically sound. We do not burn tires! The tires are in an inert environment, simply heated.

How do you get the carbon out of the waste tires?

REGEN CM products are manufactured through a proprietary process that we developed based on the principle of sublimation. In short, the reduction or thermal degradation of a hydrocarbon waste in an oxygen-free, inert environment. We do not burn the tires, we break them down using super-heated reactors. The tires are never exposed to flame. During the process, there is a syngas produced that is directed in a closed loop system to go through a series of condensers that condenses the syngas into four different oil condensates. These oil condensates are then further processed and then sold. High tensile strength steel is also obtained from the process and is packaged and sold to a local scrap metal recycler. Once the tire has been broken down to its original state of carbon, the carbon is put through several proprietary processes to remove any unwanted containments and then is size reduced to customer specifications. Our end result is zero waste.

What applications are REGEN CM products used in?

REGEN CM products are being used in architectural and industrial coatings, adhesives and sealants, thermoset composite formulations, powder coatings, concrete coatings, plastic color concentrate, building and construction materials, pipe and engineered plastics, master-batch formulations in SBR & EPDM, mechanical/industrial rubber goods, waxes, and the list goes on. If you are interested in a specific application but aren’t sure whether REGEN CM is appropriate for your specific circumstance just email us at [email protected] and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.

How do REGEN CM products perform versus a “virgin” carbon black?

In most applications, REGEN CM products will perform to the same level of standards that virgin carbon blacks perform, and in some cases, REGEN CM materials will even perform better. REGEN CM materials possess superb tinting strength, jetness, rheology, suspension properties, dispersibility, bluish undertone, UV stabilization and resistance, color strength balance, and high loading capabilities (in most systems).

How do I request a sample?

Just input your information into the REQUEST SAMPLE/QUOTE section or email us at [email protected]. One of our team members will be happy to assist you and will be in touch with you shortly.

What information do you need to make sure I will get the best REGEN CM product for my application?

In order for us to assist you in determining which REGEN CM product will work best for you, we need to know what your specific application will be and what performance characteristics you require. We have the ability to manufacture and manipulate our carbon materials from the parameters we set in our reactors, as well as after the reclamation processes occur. This enables us to develop a carbon material specifically for your application. We have had great success in being able to “craft” an exact REGEN CM product for our customers. This means we don’t typically just manufacture a generic carbon material product. We would much prefer to receive a customer specification so we may customize something that makes sense in accordance with the relevant application.

Can you assist me in testing a REGEN CM product in my application?

Absolutely! We operate a laboratory on our premises and some of our best successes have come from customers contacting us to figure out solutions to their challenges in applications, from coatings to rubber reinforcement. Just email us at [email protected] with your challenge and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.

How do I place an order for a REGEN CM product?

Just input your information into the REQUEST SAMPLE/QUOTE section or email us at [email protected]. One of our team members will be happy to assist you and will be in touch with you shortly.