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Our History

Key Milestones and Dates

REGEN CM products didn’t just spring up over-night. They are the result of countless hours of dedicated research and development to bring you a quality, viable carbon material solution. While others were perpetuating antiquated manufacturing techniques, we were innovating and discovering that it’s possible to not just realize new and efficient ways of delivering an exceptional product, but also that you don’t have to compromise the environment while doing so.


An idea is born

Inception of concept to recover commodities from waste tires. Due diligence begins to determine logistical and economic viability. Studies, collaborations, empirical testing, and development of “BACT” process equipment for our proprietary design and process functionality begins a path of research and development that continues to present day. Identification of performance specifications that REGEN CM products must possess to become applicable and fundamentally feasible commences.


The Birth of a Company

Alternative Environmental Systems formally created to develop and manufacture REGEN CM products after years of research and consultations with qualified engineering firms. Confident in the principles and science behind our research, the process for official equipment procurement begins.


The Walls Go Up

Construction on a suitable production facility begins in the high desert outside Boise, Idaho.


Equipment Assembly Begins

Alternative Environmental Systems manufacturing facility is officially completed as equipment assembly and testing begins. The process for acquisition of necessary permits is also initiated.


The Tools of Our Trade

Modification and testing of equipment to be used in the production of REGEN CM products progresses. A competent and functioning manufacturing system is nearing completion.

2017 - Present

The Future has Arrived!

The Department of Environmental Quality issues final air permits thus paving the way to commence commercial production of REGEN CM. Initial samples sent to interested parties as we receive our first "approved vendor" confirmations from customers to place orders for REGEN CM products. With the continued evolution of product specifications and our commitment to craft a custom product for our customers, REGEN CM product qualities and properties continue to expand and grow each-and-every day. The future is bright for REGEN CM and our customers!