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REGEN CM products are revolutionary green carbon materials, specifically engineered to minimize their impact on the environment while maximizing commercial utility and efficacy. Whether you have chosen REGEN CM products for aid in color pigmentation, plastic or rubber applications, viscosity modification, adhesion, paint or any other purpose, we are confident you will find that REGEN CM products are not just ecologically viable but also exceedingly affordable and highly practical in their application. Please enjoy exploring what REGEN CM products can do for you and let us know how we may assist you in whatever application you are looking to solve. We are confident that our products will prove valuable and functional in whatever application you choose and look forward to a continued relationship defined by sustained, long-term use!

What We Do

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REGEN CM products are produced using end-of-life tires as our raw material. This makes REGEN CM a reclaimed material with numerous environmental benefits, such as much less CO2 generated during production versus a virgin carbon black. In addition, REGEN CM products can be engineered to a customer’s specification. We have a zero waste philosophy. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is focused on reducing the expulsion of harmful pollutants, minimizing the dissemination of environmental contaminants, and promoting responsible, long-term sustainability.¬†Our innovative process has enabled us to reduce the amount of energy we use while not just meeting, but often exceeding stringent environmental regulations. REGEN CM products are truly a one-of-a-kind, sustainable, carbon material solution.

Our Team

The REGEN CM team has a combined 60+ years of experience in the reclamation of carbon from hydrocarbon based waste. Our team boasts an impressive pedigree of skills and attributes that includes coatings formulation, chemistry, finance, electrical design, engineering, industrial processing, and automation specialization just to name a few. The REGEN CM team also features our very own formulating chemist on staff. In addition, we strive to collaborate with outside organizations; with leading industrial technology institutions and universities being among them. This helps us improve in the innovation and application of REGEN CM products and features so that our clients can always be assured we are an industry leader. We adhere to the Six Sigma principle which means our only interest is quality and perfection; this is how we earn so many satisfied customers!

The REGEN CM Advantage

REGEN CM products are amongst the most affordable carbon material products on the market.

REGEN CM products are customizable and can be made available to the exact specifications (in most cases) that a customer may require. This means that additional processing is always available to enhance specific characteristics, including further size reduction, something that sets REGEN CM products apart from other contemporary carbon material products.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional carbon material products while sustaining a renewable green environment.

  • Be the premier manufacturer of carbon material products
  • Always deliver 100% customer satisfaction
  • Create an environment of innovation and results
  • Only utilize techniques that enhance sustainability
  • Remain affordable and accessible to all who are interested
  • Be the example for industry leaders for years to come